How to Pass a Mouth Swab Drug Test for Amazon in 2022

After getting your dream job at Amazon, you suddenly realized that you had a mouth swab drug test in the near future. It was shocking for you because somebody you love might not make it to the same place as you. So, how will you pass a mouth swab drug test for amazon?

Passing a mouth swab drug test is usually much easier than other types of urine or blood drug tests.

Mouth swabs detect ingested substances, whereas blood and urine tests find substances that the user has recently re-absorbed. There are some other differences when it comes to the detection time of smoking marijuana

But those factors might not be relevant in your situation since you mentioned that you stopped smoking at least 24hrs ago.

What is a Mouth Swab Drug Test in Amazon?

A mouth swab drug test is a saliva drug test that is done to detect the presence of a drug inside the person’s mouth with the help of saliva.

The saliva drug test can detect marijuana use for up to 12 hours, but if you are a heavy user the detection time can be up to 2 days.

Other drugs can be detected for up to 1 week. So, if the last time you smoked was 2 days ago, don’t worry you will pass the test anyway. If you think you will fail, I will tell you how to pass an oral drug test on Amazon very easily.

When you smoke marijuana some amount of THC is absorbed directly into your mouth’s soft tissues and then washed out by saliva.

How does the Mouth Swab Drug test work?

The medical professional will place a swab either under your tongue or between your cheek and lower gum for about 3 minutes to collect enough saliva for testing.

Then the concentration of THC in the specimen is tested. If the concentration is above the cutoff level, you will fail the drug test.

So you need to wash out enough THC from your mouth to make its concentration in the saliva below the detectable level.

How to Pass a Mouth Swab Drug Test for Amazon 

You can pass a mouth swab drug test for Amazon very easily with some home remedies, detox products, and various other ways.

However, Amazon relaxed its drug testing policies and made marijuana use legal.

According to one of their blog post, Amazon HR has written that they will reinstate employment eligibility for former fired employees and rejected candidates.

I am sharing the 3 most effective methods to pass the mouth swab drug oral tests. 

Quick Tip – Abstain from Weed and Brush your teeth twice daily and this will help to remove all traces of THC from your teeth.

Method 1 – USE WATER

Rinse your mouth with water several times a day and this is one of the best and cheapest ways to pass a mouth swab drug test for Amazon.

You can also use Listerine or hydrogen peroxide instead of water. But there is a study that tested the effect of water, whole milk, and other mouthwashes on the THC oral fluid concentrations.

The result showed that there is no difference in using water or any mouthwashes for rinsing the mouth to pass a drug test.

So you can use water and save money.

Method 2 – Use Ultra Wash

You should know that a saliva drug test can be given without any warning or with very short-term notification. 

If you need a more convenient way to pass a mouth swab drug test, you should use Ultra Wash mouthwash.

You need a product that is quick to access, quick to use, and cannot be detected. It works in minutes, is effective for up to 1 hour, and cannot be detected. Taste good and is all-natural 

Ultra Wash mouthwash is a small bottle that can be kept in your pocket or purse


Method 3 – Hydrogen Peroxide 3% (Powerful Method)

Hydrogen peroxide is another home remedy that is used for several purposes. Now do not leave the article and start using it as there are a few instructions you need to follow for the proper results.

Hydrogen peroxide should be 3% and also a topical solution, you can get it from any store or from Amazon.

How to Use Hydrogen Peroxide to Pass Mouth swab drug test for Amazon

  • After smoking brush your teeth properly and on every part of your tooth and gums. 
  • Wait for 15 minutes and then again brush to make sure you take out everything from the top and side part of the mouth.
  • Now take half a cup of water and mix 2 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide in it. 
  • Mix it well and then gargle with it gently.

You can gargle with hydrogen peroxide again after 20 minutes before finally leaving for the test.


Will Amazon Hire you if you Fail a Drug Test in 2022?

There has been a lot of change in the Amazon policy of conducting mouth swab drug tests and hiring people.

Amazon is desperate of hiring employees to work for them and now they are basically not drug testing anyone for marijuana use. If you smoke marijuana you can still work for amazon apply and they will not drug test you. This is amazing news as more states are legalizing the use of marijuana.

But if you consume other drugs like Cocaine or Opiates and are found positive in Amazon mouth swab drug test you will get rejected or fired.

If you fail a pre-employment drug test you can reapply after 120 days.

How far back will a mouth swab drug test go?

A mouth swab drug test for the people who only consume marijuana will detect residues within 24 hours. So the time duration basically lies between 5 minutes to 24 hours.

As Amazon is not testing marijuana users, there is no need to worry.

But other drug users need to be careful as mouth swab drug oral test detection time for drug-like cocaine, opiates, and methamphetamine last for 3 days. 

 However, there are ways to pass this mouth swab drug test but it’s always recommended that you should stop consuming drugs or do not use them at least 2 days prior to the test.

So what if you got to know about an hour before that you have an Amazon oral drug test and you know that you have smoked last night.

Can I Pass a Mouth Swab Test If I Smoked the night Before?

A mouth swab test basically detects the residue left from oral drug usage and the duration of the detection depends on the type of drugs. 

Will Amazon hire you if you fail a drug test
Will Amazon hire you if you fail a drug test


Most people are curious to know that can they pass a mouth swab test if smoked last night. Because most smokers smoke at the night and in the morning they get to know that they have a mouth swab test.

You don’t need to worry in the case of marijuana as Amazon hires people now who smoke marijuana. 

But if you consumed other drugs like cocaine or opiates then you will have to try hard to pass the mouth swab test. Try solution 3 which is the most effective and working method as many people passed their test by using this method.

What can be detected in a Mouth swab drug test for Amazon?

Finally, you might be assuming that what all can be detected in a mouth swab drug test for Amazon. Swab oral drug test detects almost all types of recreational drugs.

  • Marijuana
  • Opiates
  • Cocaine
  • Alcohol
  • Oxycodone
  • Methamphetamine
  • Benzodiazepines
  • Buprenorphine   
  • Opioids
  • Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) — a compound in cannabis
  • Phencyclidine (PCP)

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Keep in mind that these methods above on how to pass a mouth swab drug test for Amazon are like an assistant to pass in your result and get a job.

We always recommend that you should stop drug consumption or either take in limit. 

The third method of hydrogen peroxide needs to be done in limited quantity. You should not try using hydrogen peroxide in too much quantity this may burn your mouth and cause major damage.

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