When does Lululemon Restock 2022- (All you need to know)

Lululemon Athletic is a famous Canadian athletic apparel retail that has around 491 stores globally and online stores as well. Their products are really popular and so everyone wishes to know when does lululemon restock both online and offline to enjoy the latest apparel.

 In this article, I will cover the day and time lululemon restocks the best time to shop at lululemon and everything that you must know about them.

The main products that come available for purchase are listed on the homepage in this restock system but are not updated at all times.

In most cases, the best way to know what is being restocked quickly is by following Lululemon’s social media channels or checking back frequently on the website itself.

If you don’t see what you want to be listed, either Lululemon never had it or it was sold out very quickly and will not be returning any time soon.

When does Lululemon Restock?

Lululemon’s new products and re-stocked products hit the store every week but mostly the Tuesday afternoon or evening is the time when most of the new products are restocked.

Their brick and mortar stores are restocked 3 times a week mostly on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday, depending on the store to store.

Lululemons (we made too much) markdown page restocks every Thursday morning.

Reaching the store or website at the time of restocking may give you fresh arrival and this is what is the objective of this article is, so keep reading till the bottom.

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When does lululemon Restock Online on its Website?  

According to LuLemon agents, the online store is mostly restocked with new items either at the start or the end of the week. The best way to check their new items is by keeping an eye on their website. 

Lululemon’s online sales are really high with a high number of online customers. So most of the customers wish to know when does Lululemon upload or restocks new products.

According to the website agentathletica, lululemon restocks inventories and new products online on Tuesday afternoon or evening.

However, there is no such information revealed by Lululemon and they even don’t disclose this information.

I tried asking this question to one of the online agents on the Lululemon website but the agent denied giving this information and asked me to subscribe to the alert to get this information.


What days does Lululemon Restock online?

Lululemon restocks its products mostly on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday. But it may vary from store to store depending on the store location.

The Online Lululemon store is mostly restocked on Tuesday and markdown restocks mostly on Thursday. 

What Time does Lululemon Restock Online?  

Lululemon mostly restocks 3 days a week and now you must be eager to know what time does Lululemon restock online.

Below timing are all only for Lululemon online stores and are estimated timings which can vary.

Check the following table when lululemon staff mostly upload.

Day Time Time Zone
Tuesday 12:15 Hawai Time
Tuesday 03:15 Pacific Standard Time
Tuesday 04:15 Mountain Standard Time
Tuesday 05:15 Central Standard Time
Tuesday 06:15 Eastern Standard Time


How do I get my lululemon Restock alert?

You can sign up for Lululemon restock alert to get alerts for new items in the store. Though its recommended that you should always keep an eye on their website mostly during the start and at the end of the week.

Follow the below steps to sign up and create restock alert for Lululemon.

So now you are all set and you don’t need to do anything, you will now receive emails from Lululemon restock alert on your email. 

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How to Shop at Lululemon (We made too much) – Employee Tips

So now it’s time to share some tips about some of the ways to navigate through this section especially online to help you find the right thing for you.

The first thing for you to know is that markdown item anything in the way made to max section anything in the outlets and any educator or any employee will tell you it is final sale.

TIP #1 – The first thing that you must do while shopping not only in Lululemon but in all online stores is to read reviews and product descriptions like size charts.

Reviews are like your best friend while shopping as it tells whether a product you are trying to buy really fits people or not.

TIP #2There is always free shipping and return in Lululemon. So don’t be nervous about ordering something and better use this service.

TIP #3 – If you visit Lululemon offline store for the first time then an educator may ask you to create your guest profile. Kindly create your guest profile by sharing your phone number and email as this will help you next time in return or exchange without the slip.

TIP #4 – Another common question people ask that how do you tell what a legging is meant for like is it for Yoga or Running.

So if a Legging has zippers on it, pockets on it, and reflective details on it then chances are that legging is meant for running or cardio. Whereas if legging is simple without any zippers and pockets then basically it’s meant for Yoga.

When does Lululemon Restock ABC pants?

Lululemon keeps restocking their products at a regular time and it’s really tough to say about the exact restock of any product or section.

To know personally about Lululeon restocks of ABC pants I requested a store educator, he told me that there is no exact time unfortunately and so you need to manually check by coming to the store or on their website.

Still, you can check on Tuesday or Thursday at 6:15 pm according to eastern standard time.

When does Lululemon Restock Skirts?

Many customers have a hard time finding the skirts of their size or desired color and so they wait for the store restock.

As so far you all know that Lululemon restocks frequently it’s better to check the inventories in the morning. 

However, Tuesday is recommended as the best day for lululemon to restock, but still, I would recommend checking every morning.

Skirts fall in the fashionable category and are used both for jogging and normal wear. It’s really hard to say the exact day or time for their restock.

My best recommendation again would be to check every day either in the offline store or on the website. 

When will Lululemon Restock Align Shorts?

Lululemon restocks align shorts mostly on Tuesday somewhere around 6:15 EST but you can start looking in the morning.

Now again this is not the accurate time and so according to Lululemon educators, you must look into the store every day to find new restocks. I probably agree that can also be a part of their marketing strategy.

So for Align shorts restock also I would say or everyone would say that it’s better you keep an eye on the store or website every day.


Lululemon is a great store to get amazing collections of athletic apparel and hopefully after knowing when does Lululemon restock you can easily grab new inventories.

Finally, I would recommend again that you must keep an eye on their website and offline store to find the latest restock.

Let me know if you still have any questions or any suggestions related to this article. Leave your thoughts in the comment section and help other readers as well.

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